Frequently Asked Questions

Are your smoothies and soups organic and vegan?

All of our smoothies are vegan (plant based) and organic. If per chance we cannot source a particular ingredient we will substitute an item that has been minimally treated.

Our soups are vegan. Although individuals with digestive issues might consider having us prepare your soups with mineral rich bone broth.

This is my first time. How do I order?

Initially you can send us an email (or call) and we will schedule a free 15-minute consultation to discuss what works best for you based on your health goals, taste preferences, allergies, etc. We will put together an order and decide when you would like to receive it.

How do I reorder?

We will be following up with you a few weeks after you receive your order to see how everything went.  Alternatively, you can email or call us to say you are ready to discuss the previous order and initiate a new order.

What food do you make and customize?

We make soups, smoothies, chicken and grass fed/ finished beef bone broth, as well as soaked and dehydrated nuts. All of our products are designed to reduce inflammation and feed your body good fats and nutrient dense whole foods. This will promote healing and will nourish you from the inside out.  Our standard menu of soups and smoothies can be viewed here. Although if you don’t care for a particular ingredient or you are allergic, anything can be changed or eliminated. If you can’t eat tomatoes or if your pallet doesn’t tolerate spices, we can make your soups blander.

What does a typical starter package look like?

To begin your healthy journey most people start with a bone broth in the morning, and a smoothie and a soup each day. If you are looking to lose some weight you might want to substitute 2 meals a day with smoothies plus one soup each day. You can then supplement your daily meal with lean meats and fish, good quality fats, vegetables, salads and our dehydrated nuts to snack on.

Beth can suggest some good healthy choices for what healthy food items you should consider eating to round out your daily menu.

How much does the program cost?

When we say we customize it for you, we customize both the ingredients, as well as quantity ordered. We don’t want to pigeonhole you and your health in a made-for-everyone package, so we work with you based on your needs.

Do you want 3 smoothies and 8 soups for the week? Do you want a mix of soups, smoothies, and nuts for the next month? Our custom smoothies and soups are made fresh with the highest grade superfoods, organic, local-sourced fruits and veggies, and are competitively priced for similar products on the market.

Our soups, smoothies and broths range from $7 to $9 each for an individual serving size. Bone broth is $9, soups and smoothies $7 and any customized food entrees are $8.  Nuts and snacks are less expensive depending on the quantity. View our pricing page for more detailed pricing on individual quantities.

Our Program includes a free consultation, and everything is delivered straight to your door at no charge. If you live outside of our delivery zone a small delivery charge may apply.

Is there a shipping or delivery charge?

The following cities have free delivery service:

Washington: Bingen, Bonneville, Camas, Carson, Husum, Lyle, Mount Pleasant, North Skamania, Washougal, and White Salmon.

Oregon: Bridal Veil, Brightwood, Cascade Locks, Corbett, Dee, Dodson, Gresham, Hood River, Mosier, Mount Hood, Oak Grove, Odell, Parkdale, Portland, Springdale, Troutdale, Wemme, Wyeth, and Zigzag.

If you live outside of these areas there may be an additional handling fee.

Where do you deliver?

We deliver to the following areas in Washington and Oregon.

Washington: Bingen, Bonneville, Camas, Carson, Husum, Lyle, Mount Pleasant, North Skamania, Washougal, and White Salmon.

Oregon: Bridal Veil, Brightwood, Cascade Locks, Corbett, Dee, Dodson, Gresham, Hood River, Mosier, Mount Hood, Oak Grove, Odell, Parkdale, Portland, Springdale, Troutdale, Wemme, Wyeth, and Zigzag.

If you live outside of these areas, additional handling/delivery fees apply.

How should I store the soups and smoothies and how long do they last?

All of our soups and smoothies should go directly in the refrigerator and should be consumed within 3 days. You’ll probably see them separate a little while in the fridge, but don’t worry, that’s normal!  Just shake them before use…they’re perfectly fine.

Our soups can be frozen and defrosted at your leisure. If you choose this route to freeze and defrost, do not put the bottle in the microwave. Rather, let is sit out for one hour keeping it cold and then put it in the refrigerator to completely defrost. Then pour it in a bowl or in a pot to heat it up.

We do not suggest freezing the smoothies as it will water them down and not taste as flavorful as they should.

Our soups are all homemade with a lot of love. They have not been pressure pasteurized so make sure that they do not get warm which might promote bacteria growth. Certain people with compromised immune systems could get very ill.

What is good fat?

It is imperative to feed your body good quality fats. In fact, if you want to lose weight you must consume at least 30 percent of your daily food in these important monounsaturated fats. Good sources of these fats are extra virgin olive oil, coconut oil, avocados, nuts (not roasted, but soaked and dehydrated), seeds, fish and sunflower oils.

Fat is also an excellent source of energy which helps absorb vitamins and minerals. We make sure that you get plenty of these good fats in your soups and smoothies.

What are the benefits of bone broth?

We suggest drinking our collagen-rich bone broth or vegetable broth in the morning to soothe your gut, and let the healing effects start working.

Bone broth is quite good for you – for your digestion, your skin and your hair. Our soups are packed with homemade broth, either vegan or bone.

Bone broth contains numerous minerals including calcium, collagen, and bone marrow, in a form your body can easily absorb. Soups are a great, easy way to get you the maximum amount of nutrients to your gut in an easily digestible manner. These nutrients support your digestion as well as your immunity and brain health.

Is there protein in your soups and smoothies?

Our soups and smoothies contain protein from seeds, nuts, young coconut meat, plants and some vegan protein powder and exotic Philosophie Superfood blends.

Do I have to be home to accept the order?

You do not have to be home.  We will deliver the package to your home and coordinate with you at the time of the consultation.

Why smoothies over juicing?

When you make a juice the fiber has been taken out and it leaves concentrated sugars, which causes spikes in your blood sugar.  When we make the smoothies they still have the have the fibrous flesh and roughage of the fruit that gives you the nutrients your body needs.

This roughage is also the main component to a “detoxification” process.  By consuming the smoothie it will naturally cleanse your body.

What are superfood blends?

”Superfoods” are a form of concentrated, often exotic fruits and vegetables, with extremely high levels of antioxidants, minerals, vitamins, and essential amino acids. For example, gogi berry, spirulina, maca, caco, hemp and chia seeds. They have been combined into unique 3 blends (berry, cacao and green) that improve your health and fight off potential disease. 

How are your products different from other cleansing programs?

We do two very differently things than any other healthy eating programs. Number one is we customize a nutritional program that suits your needs and goals. Secondly, we add Philosophie superfood blends to all of our smoothies and many of our soups. These superfood powders are added to the already nutrient dense smoothies and soups to give them (and you) an extra boost. You will release toxins while flooding your body with great nutrition.

You can expect to see some of the following results: Less bloating, weight loss, reduced digestive problems, better mood, less fatigue and more energy and shinier hair and healthier skin.

How many calories are in your foods?

In our minds counting calories just helps with tracking your food intake. Our focus is to provide you with healthy whole foods that will heal and infuse your body with the nutrition that might be lacking.

We are more interested in the beneficial effects that our soups, smoothies and broths will have on your body and releasing the bad stuff that causes illness and disease. To give you a general idea though, our soups and smoothies are approximately 300 calories.

Why dehydrated nuts?

Nuts are a great form of nutrients and protein and they are a “good” fat. The reason we soak and dehydrate nuts is to break down the phytic acid in the nuts. Phytic acid is an “enzyme inhibitor” that attaches to nutrients in our body and blocks them from being absorbed as well as our irritating our digestive system.

When you soak nuts along with dehydrating them at a low temperature for several hours it helps to break down the phytic acid and the body can absorb the nutrients much more easily. The nuts then become a wonderful source nutrition and good protein to sustain your blood sugar throughout the day.

Keep in mind though that as good as they are for you, they have a high caloric content.  They should be eaten in small amounts.

Is this a cleanse?

Well…kind of. It is more of a whole food supplement regiment. What it will do it put your body through a form of natural cleansing by removing the bad stuff (toxins). The good news is you should never feel hungry or have to count calories and feel deprived. That’s what we’re trying to accomplish; to feel better and not be hungry.

Will I lose weight?

You will probably lose weight. The key to good solid weight loss is incorporating lifestyle changes as well changing you eating habits. For example drink plenty of water and exercise daily. This will help significantly to achieve your weight loss goals.  As we get older our metabolism changes so we need to move more. We can discuss this at the free consultation.

What if I find cooking basic, healthy food challenging?

Beth can provide you with customized lessons in your home that will teach you the basics.  Things like building a meal plan, what to shop for and how to prepare your food.

Please email us with any additional questions at