4 wys to jumpstart clean living

4 Simple Ways to Jumpstart Clean Eating

We know it’s not easy taking the first step to eating healthier. At one time or another, we’ve been guilty of saying, “I’ll start next week!” With summer around the corner, spring sunshine is the reminder to kick it into high gear! Looking and feeling your best involves improving your digestion and as a result getting your energy levels up to match how active you want to be. Since today is Monday and the start of a fresh week, we wanted to share 4 Simple Ways to Jumpstart Clean Eating to shake up your metabolism, flip on the fat-burning switch, and cleanse.

Clean House

Get rid of tempting treats at home or the office. This means throwing out your chips, cookies, or candy you have tucked away in your desk when you need that much needed mid-afternoon pick me up. This also means preparing healthy snacks, like apple slices with almond butter or strawberries and almonds, on Sunday evening so you don’t reach for processed snacks the rest of the week.

Eat Simple Whole Food*

Instead of eating processed, fatty foods, substitute them with fresh cut fruit and veggies, raw salads, lean protein, and nutrient-rich whole grain. The key is to eat fresh and, if you can, organic. Eating simple whole food meals is the main focus and the part that has the biggest impact. If you want to improve digestion and increase energy levels, it starts with the food and nutrients that go into your body.

No Empty Calories

Give your body the nutrients it needs to function well, so say goodbye to solid fat and added sugars. Eating food with added sugar doesn’t provide you with the best nourishment and actually makes you hungrier! Cutting out empty calories take a great amount of self-control, but we know you can stay strong and do without soda, alcohol, onion rings, and chocolate cake la mode!

Stay Hydrated

Drink plenty of water! Carrying a refillable water bottle wherever you go makes drinking water throughout the day so much easier when it’s readily accessible. Though the daily recommended water intake varies based on your health, activity level, and location, every system in your body depends on water. Water flushes toxins out of vital organs and carries nutrients to your cells, thus keeping you healthy. So when you want to go for that glass of wine or margarita, remember you’re giving your body a break and doing it a favor when you end up actually having a refreshing glass of water.

Get started now! And when you get the urge to go for something that may throw you off your good streak, just remember, you only have one body, so be good to it. Your mind and body will definitely thank you for it!

*Don’t have the time to prep food for the next few days? Make it easy by ordering Simply Fine Gourmet’s Superfood Meal Program. Get fresh, cleansing, superfood-enriched soups, smoothies, juices and whole food entrees within days.

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