Benefits of bone broth with Beth Kandell

Benefits of Bone Broth

Why drink bone broth? The benefits are many, and in this video I show you how.

In this video we go over these benefits:

1. Healthy Joints – yes, bone broth has collagen, which is most beneficial when you drink it compared to supplements.

2. Healthy Gut – drinking both broth improves the entire gastrointestinal track.

3. Healthy hair, skin and nails – collagen is the building block for hair, skin and nails.

4. Liver Detoxing – in particular the liver, but not limited to it. Bone broth is a great detox for the entire body.

We offer the following bone broths: Beef Chicken Turkey As well as the best vegetable spice kit for making your own broth.

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Want to learn more? See our post on drinking bone broth.

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