Drinking bone broth - Why, who and how often explained. by Beth Kendell

Drinking bone broth

Drinking bone broth has many benefits, and in this video I talk about bone broth benefits. Specifically, in this video I answer these three questions:

1. Why drink bone broth?

I discuss the benefits of bone broth. For example, did you know you can boost your immune system by regular consumption of bone broth?

2. Who should drink bone broth?

Have an unhealthy gut? Want anti-aging benefits?

Besides everyone for general health, but specifically who can benefit the most.

3. How often should you drink bone broth?

I discuss all of these in this short video.

The benefits of bone broth are well documented, see “The top 6 bone broth benefits” in www.MedicalNewsToday.com.

Where to buy bone broth

Beth’s Bountiful Bone Broth offers the SIBO Friendly Chicken and Beef Bone Broth, as well as the best vegetable spice kit for making your own broth.

For more, see our posts documenting the causes and symptoms of SIBO (small intestines Bacterial Overgrowth) and how bone broth helps:

SIBO Part 1: Causes and symptoms

SIBO Part 2: How bone broth helps


Bone broth and SIBO: Benefits, cautions and solutions

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