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Eating Fruit on an Empty Stomach to Lose Weight

Eating fruit on an empty stomach and combining certain food groups can help your digestion and ultimately improve your health and assist in weight loss.

The Problem With Combining The Wrong Foods

On the contrary, by combining the wrong foods you can slow or impair your digestion, thus unintentionally releasing toxins in your intestines. This creates fermentation and could make your body more susceptible to disease.

Eat Fruit By Itself

The reason we want to eat fruit (preferably one type of fruit at a time) is that the body uses different enzymes to digest the fruit versus other food. When we eat them alone our stomachs can easily absorb all of the nutrients, fiber, and sugars in the fruit so we get the maximum health benefit.

If you consume 3 meals a day, you can space out your fruit servings in between meals. You can have the apple you brought with you 1 hour before a meal. And then you can have another 2 hours after your meal.

Timing Your Meals and Fruit Intake

For heavier meals, you will need to let that food digest for even longer before you add fruit with all its acid into your stomach, about 3-4 hours. If you’ve just had a mixed green salad for lunch, same rules apply but for a much shorter time, about 1.5 hours.

By adopting these principles you have potentially a very useful way to improve your overall health and weight. The food-combining concept is really very easy to incorporate into your daily life, as there are only a few things to understand.

The benefit is that if you follow these guidelines you may not need to worry about watching your weight any more.

Take a look at this simple food-combining chart for smooth digestion.

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