How Bone Broth Supported My Digestion

How Bone Broth Supported My Digestion

We moved to Stevenson, Washington from Los Angeles to start our retirement almost 2 years ago. I’ll be 60 and Randy (hubby) is 58. We have this great home on 2 acres and live in the Columbia Gorge surrounded by tall trees and the beautiful Cascade Mountains.

A Big City Girl in a Small Town

I’m a native Californian and if you told me 4 years ago that I’d be living in a small town, growing my own vegetables and doing yard work I would have told you that you were crazy. Or for that matter that I wouldn’t be wearing perfume in the summer because the bees would get me. I really loooove wearing perfume, so I wear it anyway and carry an Epi-pen :). Well, It took us a while but we started making some great new friends, getting out and doing some more socializing.

Then My Digestive Issues Began

So here’s when things started going a little sideways…When I go out with friends I love having a glass of wine or a martini. Not excessive, but one or two. So what started happening was I wasn’t properly digesting my food and I was hungry all the time. I won’t get into graphic detail but things didn’t look as they should in the bathroom. Catch my drift?

Let me add that I eat very healthy, mostly vegetarian, some lean protein, very few carbs, lots of water and I eat very little gluten.

Trying to Solve My Digestion Dilemma

I went visit my Naturopath, Doctor Heidi in Portland, and it turns out I had bacteria in my gut that shouldn’t be there that was probably causing the hunger and digestive issues. She gave me supplements to take and then wanted me to do another test. Well, the next time I took the test, that bacteria was gone but a new bacteria showed up. OMG, I’ve never paid so much attention to my poop EVER. So back on different pills.

What was interesting was a couple of things. When I finished the second round of supplements I’d still have good digestive days and not so good digestive days. Hmm…this is frustrating.

Being Introduced to Bone Broth for Gut Healing

Around the same time, I had been discussing my gut issues with my chiropractor who is also very naturopath focused. She asked if I’d tried bone broth. I had no idea bone broth was good for “gut healing.” I’d heard that it helps with cancer but I had no idea it could also be used for the gut. (More on cancer and bone broth later).

So, I started making and drinking bone broth daily. I started making my broth from Bison marrow bones with yummy vegetables. Miraculously things started changing. Within the first 2 weeks everything started coming out normal. Then as time went on my skin improved dramatically, losing weight became easier, my hair became shiny and my nails became stronger.

Gut Issues Gone - Thank you Bone Broth!

Fast forward 3 months. My gut issues are completely gone and I just came back from a 2-week vacation. I drank no broth and had absolutely no problem. I ate wonderful Irish bread, ate some really delicious food; had drinks…the whole bit. I had absolutely no problem. I still ate healthy as much as possible and drank lots and lots of water. But I had no problems with digestion at all.

If you have any questions, I’d love to hear from you

To your health,

Beth Kandell-Blaisdell

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