Staying Well in Trying Times

Staying Well in Trying Times

Hello Everyone,

My favorite guest contributor and Functional Medicine doctor, Dr. Jeffery Horachek, suggests 2 very useful immune boosting supplements to keep you healthy and strong. He also recommends easy lifestyle changes that will help strengthen your immune system as well. We are what we eat, guys, and movement is key, as well.
I hope this helps.
I pray all of you stay strong and healthy. We’ll get thru this together.
Big Hugs,

Staying Well During COVID-19

  1. Get adequate sleep.
  2. Limit sugar, processed food and alcohol.
  3. Eat real food such as fruit and vegetables rich in phyto-nutrients.
  4. Mild to moderate exercise to reduce stress.
  5. Practice mindfulness to reduce stress.
  6. Limit extracurricular activities to only those that nourish your life.
  7. Look into immune-boosting supplements.

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