Why Use Grass-Fed Marrow Bones in Bone Broth

Why Use Grass-Fed Marrow Bones in Bone Broth

You’d think that organic would be better than grass-fed, but actually the opposite is true.

Grass-fed beef is more nutritious than organic grain fed beef and here’s why.

Organic Beef Is Not as Nutritious as Grass-Fed Beef

Most people think that organic is more nutritious, but this is not always true. Organic feed can still be lacking in nutrients. For example, there are loads of boxed grains and foods in your grocery store that state they are organic but have extra fat and sugar. There may be fewer contaminants or pesticides but your increasing your intake of refined carbs. Organic does not necessarily mean good nutrition.

About animal products it’s more apparent. Organic meat has less nutrition to grass-fed meat.

Nutritional Differences Between Organic Grain vs. Grass-Fed

When a cow is removed from the pasture and put on grain to fatten it up it loses many nutrients. Cows finished on grain (weather organic or otherwise) lose valuable vitamin E, beta-carotine and omega 3 fatty acids compared to grass-fed cows.

Feeding organic cows as little as 3 pounds of grain a day dramatically reduces their production of CLA (conjugated linoleic acid). CLA is possibly the most important cancer fighting fat in our diet. There are animal studies that show that as little as one half of one percent of CLA in the diet reduces tumor load by 50 percent.

Grass-Fed Beef Has Higher Purity

Farmers who pasture raise grass fed cows don’t use pesticides, hormones, antibiotics or herbicides which is another reason to choose grass-fed. If you can find a farmer that has organically certified grass-fed cows that is the best of both worlds. But since this is quite expensive and many farmers cannot afford it, the best choice is grass-fed over organic.

At Simply Fine Gourmet I use grass-fed marrow bones from cows raised on a grass farm outside of Shedd, Oregon. This farmer is very progressive and his primary business is grass seed, not beef. Even in the winter months his pastures are beautiful; which is why his beef is far superior to anything else you will find. His philosophy is if you grow great soil (there should be one worm for every inch) everything else will follow suit.

This farmer’s beef has been lab-tested and the CLA levels are the second highest in the U.S. and his omega 3:6 ratio was perfect.

So, make sure that your bone broth is coming from the best grass-fed cattle.

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