Frequently Asked Questions

This is my first time. How do I order?

Initially you can send us an email (or call) and we will schedule a free 15-minute consultation to discuss your health goals and discuss what type of broth you should be drinking, the amount and the frequency.

You can purchase our broth from the Farm Stand in Hood River, OR, Chuck’s Produce Mill Plain in Vancouver, WA or Chuck’s Produce Salmon Creek in Vancouver, WA or Wintzer Acupuncture in Camas, WA.

What food do you make and customize?

We make bone broth soups,  chicken bone broth and grass fed/ finished beef bone broth. All of our products are designed to reduce inflammation and feed your body good fat and protein. This will promote healing and will nourish you from the inside out.  Our standard menu of soups and bone broths can be viewed here. If you don’t care for a particular ingredient or you are allergic, anything can be changed or eliminated. If you can’t eat garlic or onions or if your pallet doesn’t tolerate spices, we can modify for you.

What does a typical starter package look like?

To begin your healthy journey most people start with a bone broth in the morning, and a soup each day. If you are looking to lose some weight, you might want to substitute 2 meals a day with bone broth and soup. The good fat will coat your tummy, nourish you with trace minerals and amino acids, and curb your appetite. You can then supplement your daily meal with lean meats and fish, good quality fats, vegetables and salads.

Beth can suggest some good healthy choices for what healthy food items you should consider eating to round out your daily menu.

Is there a shipping or delivery charge?

Our products can be purchased here.

How should I store the bone broth and soups and how long do they last?

All of our soups and bone broth are sold frozen and should go directly in the freezer until you are ready to consume them. The frozen soup or broth should be defrosted in a bowl of warm water and heated in a sauce pan on the stove top.

The soups should be consumed within 3-4 days. The bone broth will last in the refrigerator up to 10 days.

To heat the broth, pour the amount you’d like to consume into the sauce pan and take approximately 1/4-1/2 tsp of the fat from the top and add it to the sauce pan. This is very good healing fat. You do not need to heat to a rolling boil, just heat to your desired temperature.

What is good fat?

It is imperative to feed your body good quality fats. In fact, if you want to lose weight you must consume at least 30 percent of your daily food in these important monounsaturated fats. Good sources of these fats are extra virgin olive oil, coconut oil, avocados, nuts (not roasted, but soaked and dehydrated), seeds, fish and sunflower oils.

Fat is also an excellent source of energy which helps absorb vitamins and minerals. We make sure that you get plenty of these good fats in your soups and broth.

How do I order your soups?

All soups are custom made to order and there is an 8 quart minimum. Each soup recipe produces 4 quarts.

For example, you can order 8 quarts of one soup or 4 quarts each of two different soups, for 8 quarts total.

Delivery is free in Stevenson and Cascade Locks. In surrounding areas, i.e. Portland, Camas, Vancouver, there is a $15 delivery charge.

Please email us with any additional questions at